Our Year 6 Open Evening will be virtual this year, with video tour, presentation and prospectus available to view from Thursday 1 October 2020.

Our Team

Teaching Staff

Mr I Abdulai Teacher of Maths
Mrs E Ashley Head of Year 8/Teacher of History
Mr B Ayling Teacher of Geography
Miss C Browne Head of Business
Ms T Bullough Assistant Head of School/SENCo
Mr M Byrne Head of Biology
Mrs V Carter Teacher of Health & Social Care
Miss M Corney Teacher of Maths
Miss W Costin Teacher of English
Mrs I Culen Teacher of English (Maternity Leave)
Mrs L Cumberland Teacher of Technology
Ms M Dixon Head of Geography
Mrs A Ennin-Croft Head of Music
Mrs G Fradley Head of Art
Miss S Fuller Director of Maths
Mr R Gallagher Teacher of French
Mrs C Green Head of Year (Maternity Leave)
Miss S Hamey Teacher of English
Mrs D Hoyles Teacher of Physics
Mr M Huppatz Teacher of Geography
Mr S Isaac Head of Year 9/Teacher of PE
Mr S Joyce Head of Year 10/Teacher of Technology
Mrs E Larsen Head of English
Mr J Leach Head of Science
Mr N McKie Teacher of Science
Miss S Mead Head of PE
Ms L Nicholls Teacher of Science
Mrs A Pantling Second in English
Mrs J Pawson Head of Drama
Mrs J Pearson Teacher of Computer Science & ICT
Miss A Pinnell Teacher of English
Miss H Pitt Teacher of German
Miss J Redden Head of MFL
Mr J Sandeman Head of ICT & Computing
Mrs R Tams Second in MFL
Mrs A Thompson Head of RE
Mrs R Wallace Teacher of Maths
Mr P Whitehouse Head of Food Technology
Mr J Whitney Head of History
Mrs H Willetts Assistant Head of School/Head of History
Mrs A Williams Teacher of Maths & PE (Maternity Leave)