Year 7

We will start the year will a skills unit. They will fully understand that there is Physical, Human and Environmental Geography by Christmas. To start we will build Geographical skills by looking at enquiry questioning, Ordinance Survey Maps, symbols, grid references, using atlases and fieldwork skills. We then move on to fantastic places and the extremes in our world: polar and arid areas. The Physical and Human Geography of Britain will be covered including weather, relief and population. The following unit is on geology: How the earth was made and rock types. This unit also encompasses erosion. deposition and the creation of landforms. Disaster geography is always popular with students so the final Physical topic of the year is Natural hazards, notably earthquakes and volcanoes. We end the year covering a human topic, Food and Farming. This involves economic Geography covering the farming industry, the production of food and how availability varies in the world. We will examine why there are shortages and the difference in development.

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