Due to Government guidance, Hampton Gardens is closed.

Cross Country

30 September 2019

Cross Country

Congratulations to the students below on their performance last night at the second cross country race at Stanground Academy. Year groups were combined: Year 7 & Year 8 and Year 9 & Year 10. The heavens opened as soon as we arrived so it was ‘perfect’ wet and windy conditions throughout all 4 races although Miss Mead is sure the students thought differently! Thank you to all the parents and family members that attended to support the Hampton Gardens' runners!


Y7&8 Girls 124 runners in total
Calleigh C (Y8) –25th
Ella F (Y8) – 51st
Olivia B (Y8) – 69th
Lillia P (Y8) – 76th
Millie P (Y8) – 85th
Carmen P (Y7) – 97th
Chloe C (Y8)- 98th
Jess M (Y7) – 101st

Y7&8 Boys 103 runners in total
Leon C (Y7) – 5th
Owen P (Y8) – 20th
Drayke G (Y7) – 48th
Luke F (Y8) – 51st
Ryan W (Y8) – 52nd
Kacper K (Y7) – 55th
Thomas D (Y8) -78th

Y9 Girls 162 runners in total and running against Y10S
Claudia H – 115th
Megan C – 131st
Amy P – 139th
Lillie-May B - `47th
Felicity M – 149th

Y9 Boys 165 runners in total and running against Y10S
Lewis W – 111th
Fin D – 127th
Ed E – 133rd
Samuel C – 145th
Leo B – 147th