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Information for Parents regarding Home School - 30 March 2020

How work will be set?

All subjects will use ‘One Note’ to set and monitor student work. One Note is part of the Office 365 Suite which all students have access to by using a standard Internet Browser such as Google Chrome. The students are all familiar and proficient in using this as they use it every ICT lesson.

If you Google Office 365 you will easily find a link. Students use their email address and their normal school password to log onto Office 365. Please see document called ‘one note student access’, also attached to this email.

The following pages detail an overview of learning that will be set for individual subjects.

How often will work be set?

Initially we have asked staff to set enough work to cover a period of two weeks.

It may help students with managing workload if they aim to follow the normal lessons from their timetable for that day as far as possible

What if there is a problem or query understanding learning set?

Information regarding this is covered in the sections for each subject and One Note will have a section called ‘Talk to My Teacher’. Staff and students can access to ask questions and provide feedback should they need to.

Hegarty Maths, which the Maths department will be using has this built in and students can ask teachers for support directly from there and teachers can provide feedback and support.

We don’t have internet access, what do we do?

We are in the process of compiling paper learning for any students that do not have access at home and parents will be contacted to advise of this separately